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-Available September 5, 2023
HarperCollins Balzer + Bray

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-2019 SCBWI Crystal Kite Winner-

Take bits from the worlds of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Nancy Drew, and set the story in New Orleans, and you’ve got this compelling tale of Evangeline.” — Kirkus Reviews

"Eldredge’s fantasy world, based in Creole mythology, is vividly depicted and full of detail."—The Horn Book

“First-time author Eldredge delivers a finely tuned tale that integrates humor and suspense, light mythology, and magic.” — Booklist

“Readers will revel in the magic and culture of Louisiana.” —Bulletin for the Center of Children’s Books

“I fell in love with this middle grade book from the first page . . . What follows is a well-crafted mystery with unexpected twists and turns and page turning intensity.” — Library Thing

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Twelve-year-old haunt huntress apprentice Evangeline Clement spends her days and nights studying the ways of folk magic, honing her monster-hunting skills while pursuing local bayou banshees and Johnny revenants.

With her animal familiar sure to make itself known any day now, the only thing left to do is prove to the council she has heart. Then she will finally be declared a true haunt huntress, worthy of following in the footsteps of her long line of female ancestors.

But when Evangeline and her grandmother are called to New Orleans to resolve an unusual case, she uncovers a secret that will shake her to the soles of her silver-tipped alligator-skin boots.

Set in the evocative Louisiana bayou and the vibrant streets of New Orleans, Evangeline’s is a tale of loyalty and determination, the powerful bonds of friendship and family, and the courage to trust your gut no matter how terrifying that might be.

-Available May 01, 2018
HarperCollins Balzer + Bray

ISBN: 978-0-06-2628034-1

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Witch Girl

Scholastic UK's edition of Evangeline of the Bayou:

Goth Girl meets Ghostbusters in this read-in-one-sitting mystery adventure with the perfect spine-tingling balance of fun and scares!

“Eldredge writes with a lyrical flair that breathes spine-tingling life into the most fantastical of creatures.”
--The Irish Times

“… Monsters of the night are lurking around every turn of the page… So, too are the plot twists, with some engaging revelations coming thick and fast as the book reaches its climax.”
--The John O’Groat Journal


ISBN-10: 1407181025
ISBN-13: 978-1407181028
Scholastic Limited

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Evangeline und die Geister des Bayou


Thienemann Verlag’s edition of Evangeline of the Bayou

ISBN: 978-3-522-18529-5


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